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all I do is write about it.

I have obsessions. I love repetition. I watch the same TV Shows on rotation for months at a time. I reread books and replay songs. I find there is a distinct pleasure in already knowing. Think of it like being able to sing every word of your favorite song. It is uniquely gratifying to fully immerse oneself in a single thing, to know it completely, inside and out. Even more, there is a deep satisfaction to be achieved in disproving the pleasure of the already known, to be stunned in disillusionment before coming to a new, more thoughtful, understanding.


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For the Love of Wonder

Every time I write, I write in the fashion of believing I’ve already made it- despite not having broken the surface…yet. It makes me believe that I’ve already got the hardest thing about being special down. Which is, I believe, believing you yourself are special and contrary to a constant feeling of perceived failure, someContinue reading “For the Love of Wonder”

Reality TV and Racism: America’s Guiltiest Pleasures

A morning without a shrill scream jerking you awake means indulgence in the night. Prop yourself up to face the sixty inch flat screen and uncork, light, or snort your favorite substance. It’s time to pamper yourself numb with America’s guiltiest pleasures: reality television and racism. Thanks to Bachelor’s twenty fifth season, a combination ofContinue reading “Reality TV and Racism: America’s Guiltiest Pleasures”

A Cynic’s Guide to Television: Bojack Horseman

“See you on the other side.” Bojack responds in a manner we are familiar with; the hope that our unique souls live on in a realm that transcends the physical body. “Oh, BoJack, no, there is no other side. This is it.”


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